T-Mobile top for mobile broadband


T-Mobile’s mobile broadband network has been judged the best in the UK for the second successive quarter in independent tests carried out by test house P3 Solutions.

Tests that measured customer experiences that matter most to users during peak usage hours across 16 cities showed that in Q4 2008, the operator has the fastest web browsing experience that was on average 35 per cent quicker than its nearest competitor.

Its upload speeds were also found to be 59 per cent quicker than the next best operator with its service also found to be the best for sending and receiving email attachments, being five times faster for ending emails and twice as fast for email reception.

T-Mobile UK chief technology officer Emin Gurdenli said: “Our consistently high performance is testament to the fact that we continually test and improve our network to make sure our customers are getting the best possible mobile broadband experience.

“As the number of customers opting for the flexibility and convenience of mobile broadband continues to rise quarter on quarter, we will continue to expand on the potential of mobile broadband, through improved performance and our innovative range of tariffs and laptop bundles.”

The operator began independent network benchmarking in Q2 last year to establish a framework for conducting ongoing improvements to its mobile broadband customer experience.

Network performance is measured against applications such as browsing the most visited websites, streaming video, downloading a 3MB music file, uploading a 1MB file and email performance with a 500KB attachment.

All measurements are performed not earlier than 11am and no later than 11pm throughout the week in order to replicate actual usage patterns. Since the testing began, T-Mobile said it has achieved a 12 per cent improvement in web browsing reliability, with download speeds increasing by more than 40 per cent.