BlackBerry up 300pc at Midland


Orange distributor Midland said its BlackBerry sales are up 300 per cent since January last year.

Midland said BlackBerry sales were up on the back of the smartphones’ increased visibility to end users due to a television advertisement campaign.

Midland sales manager Peter Liley (pictured) said Orange’s move to provide technical support for end users as of December last year has also helped improve sales. Said Liley: “The service was only available to a restricted audience before and now the end user can use the service which provides pre and post sales support.”

Liley said although sales are encouraging, business partners can continue to pick up sales by referrals. Midland’s research into the importance of referrals has indicated that one in three end users was likely to sign up to a new connection if they were referred by someone. “It’s amazing how many do not pro actively pursue referral business, but many customers will easily sign up if referred.”