Bebo makes mobile play


Social networking site is looking to maximise usage of its site on mobile phones with its new Bebo Open Mobile programme, which gives network operators tools to enable customers to access the site.

Bebo said it will engage network operators, handset manufacturers and software developers in a concerted push into the mobile space, increasing its mobile usage and allowing them to distribute and monetise its service.

Bebo claims 50 million registered users worldwide. It is offering to collaborate on tailored network- and handset-specific content with partners.

Bebo global head of mobile Sean Kane said: “Bebo Open Mobile is a new way to expand the power of social networking to programme members.

“The Bebo Open Mobile suite of tools is designed to move mobile communication and user relationships forward by delivering a simple and more ubiquitous experience to users. A rapid and global shift towards mobile social networking consumption is in progress and Bebo is committed to leading the way.”

Bebo Open Mobile tools are available for mobile Internet, mobile messaging and software development programmes.