Samsung Tobi for kids


Samsung has launched a handset pitched at children and parents to encourage children’s safety while using mobile phones.

The Tobi has been supported by the children’s safety charity, Children’s Safety Education Foundation (CSEF) and is the first of a range of new handsets designed around safety.

Safety features include SOS calls and text messages to up to five numbers, “fake” calls allowing the child to pretend to be on the phone and 30 second voice recording. The handset can also block up to 10 numbers to prevent bullying and abusive text messages.

Other features include an MP3 player, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth messaging, and edutainment games including free trial versions of Brain Challenge and Tetris.

The handset is environmentally friendly, made with non-toxic paints and non-allergenic materials and the back cover is recyclable, made from biodegradable bio-plastics from corn by-products. The cover can be customised with slide-in designs downloadable from the Samsung Tobi website It also has educational tools designed to build awareness of children’s safety which has been commended by CSEF.

Samsung Mobile UK and Ireland vice president Mark Mitchinson said: “We’ve developed this handset in conjunction with robust consumer feedback. We feel confident that Samsung Tobi offers access to cutting-edge safety features, a cool design and ground-breaking functionality. Children will have fun using the Samsung Tobi day to day, and parents will have a practical tool to offer tangible peace of mind.

“At Samsung Mobile we take the safety of children very seriously, and we hold the work of CSEF in high esteem. We have worked closely with CSEF in the development of the educational programme and hope to build on this relationship to advance the area of child protection and in particular, children’s safety while using mobile phones.”

Children’s Safety Education Foundation chief executive John McNamee said: “We wholeheartedly support companies that share our passion for child safety.

“Children’s safety when using mobile phones is an important issue and we welcome the development of the Samsung Tobi and the company’s move to make mobiles safer for children.”

Samsung said the handset will be marketed directly at adults.