Sharp End: iPhone and Nokia updates


3 dealers left cold

It seems all I see when I’m out these days is evidence of 3’s hard out marketing campaign for its array of crazy offers.

The list seems endless – £9 contracts with free handsets, six-month contracts, free Nintendo Wiis, landline offers; I’m surprised they don’t throw in the kitchen sink as well.

Not only does it make them look desperate, turning any tricks to get customers in the door, but yet again, dealers have been excluded from the party.

I’m almost tempted to say it isn’t surprising, but, to be frank, it is surprising, as I had thought 3 would reach out to dealers again this year after it’s tough stance and major culls of underperforming dealers last  year and the year before.

It’s great to get customers talking about what value is out there these days, seeing as most people are looking to see how far they can stretch their pounds in these financially difficult times.

But it’s a shame that if they talk to independent dealers about these offers,  we’re going to have to talk to them about something else.

Samsung sneak preview

I’m particularly impressed by the latest Samsung sneak preview given to me by my friendly Samsung representative who stopped by for a visit recently.

The S3030,  or Tobi as it’s been named, is currently on an exclusive with Carphone Warehouse but should be available to dealers once that is ended, so roughly within a month.

It’s retailing at around £60, which is a pretty good prepay price, and it’s a good concept too, as it appears the handset is aimed at children and is packed with security features to keep parents’ minds at ease.

It will appeal to the young ones as it comes in blue, silver, green and orange variants, a changeable back cover with a photo sleeve. It also has SOS call and message features which contact an emergency number at the touch of a button.

I remember there being a debate some time ago about the marketing of mobile phones to children and it’s good to see Samsung not shy away from this market, but address it in a practical way that appeals to parents rather than being just a cheap, colourful gimmick for kids.

Samsung is even scoring environmental brownie points by making the handset out of biodegradable materials.

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