Delays on O2, Vodafone business


B2B dealers complained last week of long delays in processing Vodafone and O2 new contracts and upgrade.

Dealers connecting business signing customers to Vodafone and O2 via airtime distributors said connections were taking more than five working days to process, rather than 24-48 hours as per their service level agreements (SLAs). They complained of a backlog of orders and bemused customers.

Avenir and Fone Logistics warned dealers of issues with O2, and Vodafone itself informed its partners of administrative issues.

One dealer said: “It’s simply not good enough. We have had to up our game but they haven’t done the same. Before Christmas it was taking five days or longer, then it improved again to about three days, and now its back to five or six again.”

An O2 spokesperson said: “We are re-signing 30 per cent more business customers now than we were 12 months ago. Due to a higher than expected rate of customers re-signing and our continued strategy of encouraging the acquiring partner to proactively manage their customers, we had some minor delays in processing some resigns/upgrades at the end of the month.”

O2 said it had increased resources and implemented “process improvements”.

A Vodafone spokesperson said: “We have seen cases where our SLA has not been met due to higher than expected upgrade requests. The dealer community is important to us and we are investing in developing this business further. We are now meeting requests within SLA.”