Ian: Stopping iPhone theft is easy


It’s probably an accolade that Apple, O2 and Carphone Warehouse can do without.

The iPhone, it seems, is now the handset of choice for the discerning shoplifter and ‘steamer’ (report). Most of the problem seems to stem from demo units that are put out on display.

Yet if there is one handset that doesn’t need to be demonstrated its the iPhone.

After all, the first trillion were sold purely on the basis of word-of-mouth, TV commercials, and of course the ‘Jesus’ effect bestowed by Steve Jobs on the amazing technicolour dream phone.

iPhones sell themselves. So why have them on display at all? Everyone in the world north of the Antarctic is familiar with the sensational graphics, humanoid touch screen and sheer cutability factor.

Many iPhones are probably being purchased sight unseen from the Apple, O2 and Carphone websites.

No one wanders into a Carphone or O2 shop ‘thinking’ about buying an iPhone. They just ‘want’ it.

The answer to the problem is simple: stop putting iPhones out on display.

Save the shrinkage and threat to staffers’ lives and limbs.

Let the punter take the risk. After all, iPhone theft has become more popular now than nicking iPods.

Just Google ‘iPhone theft’ to get an idea of how iPhones are ‘walking’ every minute, every day all over the world.

And not in a good way. But maybe the heat will soon be off the need to protect existing iPhone inventory. Current rumours in MacLand are that Apple is about to launch iPhone III.