Ofcom appoints nine new board members


Ofcom has appointed eight new members to its Advisory Committee for England who will sit for either three or four years and appointed one member to its Advisory Committee for Wales on a four year term.

William Dutton was appointed chair for the England board and will also be a member for the South East region. Dutton is director of the Oxford Internet Institute and Professor of Internet Studies at Oxford University with expertise in emerging technologies.

Graham Creelman was appointed member for the East region. He has spent 10 years as managing director for Anglia Television and director of regional programming for ITV’s network.

Dharmash Mistry was appointed member for London and is a partner at venture capital firm Balderton Capital.

Olwyn Hocking and Wendy Pilmer were appointed members for the North East. Hocking is currently director of Digital Voice for Communities, a social enterprise working with agencies, charities and local authorities on media initiatives. Pilmer owns a consultancy having spent 21 years at the BBC.

John Varney has been appointed for the North West who also owns a consultancy, Maximum Clarity.

Helen Foster sits for the West Midlands who is a managing consultant for BroadEdged Consultants.

Lastly, Robert Watson joins for the East Midlands. Watson has 24 years experience in the Telecoms business, including five years at BT as regional manager for the East Midlands.

Anne Scorer has been reappointed to the Committee. Scorer runs a digital media consultancy.

Simon Gibson is the appointment for the Wales board. He is chief executive of Wesley Clover Corporation, a venture fund specialising in technology companies.