Toshiba TG01 available to dealers


Toshiba said last week its new TG01 touchscreen smartphone (pictured) will be available through all channels in the summer, including the independent dealer market.

The handset, the first handset to include a 1GHz processor, will be the
slimmest touchscreen handset on the market.

“People want touchscreens, more power and better battery life in devices,” said Toshiba Mobile UK country manager Med Jeewoth.

“Toshiba has listened and provided a 4.1 inch screen and a 1Ghz processor with ultra low power consumption so the battery will last.

“The screen and the processor. allow you to multi task. It will be really popular.

“I’m still finalising the details but we expect to see it in all the traditional channels and the pricing will be very competitive.”

The handset will run Windows Mobile and is the first to include Qualcomm’s Snap Dragon processor to help increase battery life.