Orange eyes 80/20 rev share


Orange has revealed to close partners the first firm details of its much-anticipated revenue share scheme.

Distribution and dealer partners said last week Orange will launch its pay scheme on April 1, with an initial ongoing revenue of 20 per cent, paid after three months, against upfront payment of 80 per cent.

The proposed rates, which Orange maintained last week had not been finalised, would see Orange match T-Mobile’s recent system.

An Orange spokesperson said: “Lots of details are blowing around. We have been exploring the possibility of introducing a revenue share model to the indirect channel for six months, and discussing it with our key channel partners. But absolutely nothing has been decided on yet.”

Still, major dealers and distributors claimed the final plan had been muted to them.

“Business partners will get 80 per cent commission up front and 20 per cent on going,” said one. “That is the plan now, for April. Although it has been postponed twice already.”

Another B2B dealer said: “I’ve been informed it is an 80/20, and will launch April 1. It seems the other networks have watched and learned from O2’s errors.”