MWC: LG to test LTE data card


LG is to demonstrate the first data card based on 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology standards at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona tomorrow (Wednesday February 18).

LG’s data card will use its own modem chip solution. It claims it is the most crucial component required to create a viable 4G handset with LTE technology. LG said the development of the chip marked a significant step towards creating a market-ready 4G phone.

Handsets based on the technology can support maximum wireless download speeds of 100Mbps and upload speeds of 50Mbps when using two antennas.

LG will connect three data cards to three devices, which include a laptop, netbook and prototype handset on Wednesday. It will also demonstrate an early smartphone prototype with LTE built into the device. All four devices will run applications such as HD video streaming, video conferencing and internet browsing.

The demonstrated chip can achieve download speeds of 60Mbps and upload speeds of 20Mbps. LG added that users of handsets and other mobile devices that are based on LTE will be able to download multimedia and other information 10 times faster than the current 3G standard.

LG mobile sales and marketing director John Barton (pictured) said: “The LTE handset modem chip we are demonstrating shows our ongoing commitment to developing leading edge mobile technology while also being at the forefront of the industry’s latest initiatives. This chip signals our intentions to give consumers the fastest connectivity available on their mobile phones.”