MaryLou: MWC madness


Once bitten, twice shy. Unless you’re Sony Ericsson. At last year’s Mobile World Congress, Sony Ericsson rushed to be the first manufacturer to make an announcement.

On the Sunday before the Monday opening it revealed its new flagship brand Xperia and its first partnership with Microsoft and Windows Mobile.

Such an early announcement of a device released eventually at the end of the year caused Sony Ericsson several problems.

Initial interest fell away andXExperia was overtaken by other manufacturer launches, with rival devices shipping much sooner.

This year it’s the same old same old for Sony Ericsson.

Once again it has taken the wraps off something that won’t appear until the summer. 

Say hello to the ‘Idou’ (where do these names come from?) complete with 12 megapixel camera.

On paper it looks like a quantam leap in technology with a dozen megapixel count. It sounds like a big deal – but isn’t it over the top for a cameraphone?

Anybody concerned about taking quality pictures, will use a proper SLR camera. It may be that Sony Ericsson’s marketing geniuses can convince us the Idou’s imaging and editing features are as good as a dedicated camera.

But it is going to need more commitment at the retail and marketing level to sell consumers on its capabilities (that’s if the name alone doesn’t send them running for the hills).

It’s all very well Sony Ericsson using hype to push its latest gadgets. But unless the hype is followed quickly by the actual product being sold it’s all a waste of everyone’s time.
Also the big buzz in Barca is the ‘E’ word – no, not the economy dummy; the environment.

Manufacturers are jumping on board the Green Bandwagon like never before. 

LG and Samsung announced plans to produce solar-powered handsets made of recycled materials.

Nokia was yakking interminably about its environmental dedication without actually announcing anything that saves the planet.

LG’s green offering is nameless and faceless; Samsung’s goes under the seductive ‘Blue Earth’ label in an attempt to make consumers feel good about their purchase.

The Blue Earth handset has the potential to be a big hit among those of us looking to reduce our carbon footprint and guilty conscience.


MaryLou Costa discusses Mobile World Congress 2009 on the Mobile News podcast, which can be downloaded here