MWC: LG unveils new 3D UI


LG has unveiled a new 3D user interface (UI), to debut on its flagship ‘Arena’ handset.

The touch-based 3D menus are designed to give the UI a ‘life-like’ look. Users can sort through menus by dragging a finger across 3D ‘reels’ with clearly marked icons, rather than looking through lists of files.

The camera setting can be manipulated in the new UI by an on-screen dial, similar to the dials on D-SLR cameras.

The UI is built around a 3D cube layout, providing four customisable home screens. A flick of the finger turns the cube from one side to the next.

Items in ‘elastic lists’, a new concept, instantly expand when touched, providing information and options, eliminating the need to switch to a new screen.

LG said that one of its main goals for the interface was to make transitions – changes between menus, screens or applications – faster.

LG mobile sales and marketing director John Barton said: “Nothing could be easier than our new 3D UI. It firmly establishes us as a leader in mobile interface technology and is the result of much hard work and research nito what our customers want from their phones.”

After appearing on ARENA, the UI will become the standard on LG’s high-end phones, with the manufacturer planning to introduce several high-end models this year.