MWC: New services for operators


The GSMA and dotMobi have announced they will collaborate to allow network operators to offer content and services tailored to users’ handsets.

Using a database called DeviceAtlas operators will be able to identify what handset a customer is using and so will be able to provide compatible content and services.

For example, roaming customers could recieve an MMS welcome message with weather reports and appropriate links when joining a network rather than the standard SMS welcome.

“The technology is simple but powerful,” said dotMobi VP of advanced services and applications Paul Nerger. “Every mobile phone has a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. And the IMEI numbers contain a Type Allocation Code (TAC), which the GSMA allocates to each make and model of mobile phone. When users turn on their handsets, the IMEI number is instantly recognized by the network operator.

“That means operators can identify the make and model of a user’s handset and, when combined with DeviceAtlas, the phone’s exact capabilities. This allows custom content and messages tailored for the phones capabilities to be pushed to the subscriber.”