MWC: T-Mobile close to 1m iPhone sales


T-Mobile said at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona it has sold close to one million Apple iPhone handsets across its markets.

T-Mobile has distribution rights for the iPhone in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Croatia.

T-Mobile also claimed its exclusivity on HTC’s G1 Google Android handset had been a boon to sales in the US.

“The G1 has been a revolutionary device for us. It has been the best selling device in our UU operations and very successful in Europe,” said T-Mobile international chief executive Hamid Akhavan.

T-Mobile will make the G1 available in Poland on February 23, bringing its market availability to seven countries.

Akhavan said Android Market applications now numbered 1,000.

He said: “In just a few short months there are over a 1,000 different applications, all of them free. I personally use 30 of them. It’s fantastic and shows what a powerful platform the G1 has.”

Akhavan also revealed sales of netbooks had now reach more than 60,000 units globally in 2008. He also announced a new deal with Sony to sell 640 gram Sony Vaio laptop.

Akhavan said sales of laptops with mobile broadband would be a major focus for T-Mobile in 2009.

T-Mobile launched the fourth version of Web ‘n’ Walk mobile internet package in Barcelona.

The new version will deploy widgets, and is informed by T-Mobile’s epxeriences with the iPhone. Flexible widgets and mobile web customisation tools will be available on a “multitude” of handsets throughout 2009, it said.

Specific integrated widgets include eBay and Facebook links. T-Mobile will integrate live updates and alertsfrom social networking applications.

“Users no longer need to spend time logging in or searching to see if they have an update or if they have been outbid, and the information is stored with us. So if they change handsets it will remember those applications,” said T-Mobile.

T-Mobile will make 120 widgets available for download onto users handsets, across all its range.