MWC: Truphone launches Local Anywhere


Truphone has announced plans to launch a single-SIM, multi-country mobile service that will make any mobile call within the set of supported countries into a local call.

The company said that Truphone Local Anywhere will deliver low rates on a customer’s Truphone plan in any supported country – eliminating the need to maintain separate phones, switch between SIMs or incur expensive roaming charges.

People calling other Truphone Local Anywhere customers will also make savings, making every cost the same as a local call.

Features of the service include number portability of existing mobile and landline numbers to Truphone, full service multi-language customer support, competitive rates on domestic calls, SMS and data in a home country and up to 80 per cent savings on roaming charges when visiting other countries.

Truphone said the service is designed to meet the needs of people living an international lifestyle such as travel industry workers such as pilots, cruise ship captains or tourism professionals, second home owners who want a local mobile number in both locations to talk to friends and family in different countries at local rates and international students and business people.

Truphone CEO Geraldine Wilson (pictured) said: “Our customers tell us that they value our current services to make low cost international calls when at home and when roaming. Now they’re asking us to bring it all together. They want one phone, one SIM and one plan.

“Truphone Local Anywhere delivers this all-in-one solution by providing the first fully-integrated multi-country mobile service for personal users and business professionals. Now these internationalists can enjoy all the benefits of home wherever they may be.”

Pricing details have yet to be announced, but implementation of Truphone Local Anywhere will be available in the second half of 2009.