MWC – Shazam service on Samsung phones


Shazam has announced that it has embedded its technology in the Samsung BEAT DJ and BEAT DISC.

The phones, launched at Mobile World Congress, will include mobile music provider’s Find Similar and Find Tag features, which the company said will enhance the customer’s music experience.

The Find Similar feature uses Shazam’s filtering technology to offer customers more tracks they might like based on the individual track they’ve just tagged. When a user tags a track, recommendations are provided for similar tracks based on the behaviour of other users.

The Find Tag feature enables users to trace details of existing tracks on their phone where all or some of the information is missing or incorrect. By selecting a track within this feature, the song is analysed and the correct metadata including title, artist, album and genre is returned and added to the track.

Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher said: “We’ve been working with Samsung for several years and our service has been embedded in many of its handsets. We’ve worked closely with Samsung to incorporate feedback on how we could build on the existing Find Music service and these new features for Samsung’s latest handsets offer an even greater music experience for its customers.”