Recycled Nokias to rise by 15pc


The number of Nokia handsets being recycled this year is set to increase by 15 per cent, according to a mobile phone recycling website.

Experts at think the reason is due to the growing uptake of iPhone and BlackBerry users across the UK as the line between business and personal mobile devices becomes blurred.

It adds that awareness growing about the cash incentives available from recycling phones could also be encouraging more people to recycle old handsets.

Simon Dunn, director of said: “Consumers are consciously deciding to recycle their unused mobiles to receive cash and other incentives. We are seeing a particularly strong increase in the number of Nokia models being recycled and we think that this is largely down to more people upgrading to iPhones and BlackBerrys.”

The specialists at the website also predicted that the Nokia N70 will be the most recycled phone, followed by the N95 and 6300.