Magical mystery tour…


Mystery shopping is the accepted way for retailers, both within the mobile industry and outside of it, to measure staff and store performances.

For years, it has been employed by mobile retailers to identify whether staff are sticking to procedures and providing a commendable customer service.

But store staff in many multiple and network retailers reckon they have sussed out their employers’ mystery shopping procedures, rendering the results questionable.

And certain network retailers have gone so far as to scrap their mystery shopping altogether, or at least to keep it in reserve only for special product and service reviews, and look to other means of assessing staff performances.

Either way, mystery shopping is a tried and tested formula, a rule of thumb for measuring the customer experience stores provide.

Large amounts of commission can ride on performances in mystery shopping assessments, with store bonuses sometimes linked to individual reviews.

It  can represent a genuinely unifying task for sales teams. But the risk/reward aspect of mystery shopping means staff, naturally, have looked for ways to outmanoeuvre their examiners.

Full article in Mobile News issue 432 (February 9, 2009).

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