Mike: Mobile’s economic boost


It seems laptop thefts at this year’s Mobile World Congress gladly didn’t reach the same number (800) as last year. Only a couple of major power outages in the press room were bothersome.

So, between worries about laptop security and lost copy because of power cuts, what did we make of the major announcements at this year’s event?

Well, the GSM Association (GSMA) did a nice job of cheerleading mobile technology in a grim economic climate, going so far as to suggest mobile could reverse the global recession. Or at least, that is how it sounded.

It was interesting to hear incumbent network powerhouses from across the globe come together to plead for more spectrum, less regulatory intervention and more funding. And the new entrant network agitators call for more regulation and a more level ‘playing field’.

The LTE revolution will be the bedrock of most future innovations. And it is essential funding is available for it, as the GSMA requested. And, sure, significant social advancement can be achieved on the deployment of new 4G mobile products and services, and the world economy can be boosted by such development.

Suffice to say, the 1,600 exhibitors at the world’s biggest trade fair for mobile demonstrates the will is there, as is sector revenue to support a multitude of new and expanding mobile businesses. Innovation was in the air here, and demonstrable on the show floor.