Sharp End: Orange’s Business Sense


Orange has some new business tariffs out this month. They replace the existing Venture tariffs, which were phased out the end of January.

The new tariff range is named Business Sense, and have inclusive 500 cross-network minutes per month – right up to 45,000 minutes. 

An 18-month contract gives the customer  the relevant amount of inclusive minutes but nothing more.

Those customers signing up for two or three years can opt for a discount of 15 per cent or 25 per cent respectively.

Or the customer can have a choice of either 3,000 landline minutes, 1,000 text messages or 1,000 minutes of International Direct Dialling.

Customers still get unlimited calls and texts between sharers of the same Business Sense plans. Orange Care insurance is included in all current business plans.

But these new Business Sense tariffs do not offer as much value as the previous Venture plans. 

This is because the Venture plans offered 40 per cent more cross-network minutes on 24-month plans. They also offered a choice of either unlimited landline or unlimited Orange calls.

Depending on your supplier there seems to be an additional £40 commission for each new business connection including sharers.

Also there are some sizeable increases in commissions available for business upgrades too from Orange.

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