Blyk launches new content portal


Advertising-funded youth MVNO Blyk has launched a new content portal called ‘On Blyk’ for users to discover new content.

The new portal, delivered via a partnership with mobile marketing and content services technology provider Velti, acts as a channel for Blyk members interested in content from certain brands. Blyk claims it moves away from the traditional mobile portal business model.

On Blyk enables content providers to host their content and then align pricing and promotional activities in line with their objectives. Content spanning areas such as video, chat, wallpapers, games and ringtones are delivered through On Blyk, from established providers including Player X, Saffron Digital and Jumbuck, amongst others.

Velti chief executive Alex Moukas said: “On Blyk is a great illustration of how Velti’s technology can ensure the relevance of mobile communications, based on lifestyle or brand choices made by individuals. As Blyk members use the portal we will be able to use this behavioural insight to deliver the most compelling, relevant and timely content to them.

“On Blyk’s use of our personalisation technology is a key element in determining what content members will be receptive to and delivering a valued experience.”