Jelly looks to break the mould


So, you’ve set up a sales organisation to pitch data products and services to small and medium businesses. Obviously the next step is to name the business after a wobbly dessert.

Or was there another reason behind Frequency Telecom’s decision to call its data solutions division Jelly Communications?

Gareth Limpenny (pictured), managing director of both parent and subsidiary company, says it was simply that he needed a memorable name.

The Jelly ‘mould’ was set in June 2005. Frequency Telecom had been set up three years earlier as a distribution company. The strategy was to set up a sustainable business to support and sell data into the SME and corporate markets.

“We were relatively late to market,” says Limpenny. “We were trying to bring something different to the distribution sector which was going through a bit of a stale period.”

Full article in Mobile News issue 432 (February 9, 2009).

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