New JAG reopens Orange account


JAG has reopened its Orange account under a new trading name after going through an administration process.

The company went through a pre-pack administration that sold the assets of JAG Communications Plymouth to a new company, JAG Communications South West.

It will continue as a viable company while the old company remains in the hands of the administrators.

It was later revealed that the reason behind JAG going into administration was because Lloyds bank withdrew its £2.3 million overdraft.

JAG can connect the networks but any money is held in another account.

Managing director John George said he expects accounts with the remaining networks to be reopened before the end of February, adding that improved trading shows staff have reacted to the news as well as he could have hoped.

“A lot of our business goes through Orange so to have that account back open is a big plus,” he said.

“All the networks have been cautious but very understanding of our position.”