Three mobile firms face ASA


Three mobile companies were investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority last month but none were found to be in breach.

3 received a complaint following national advertising for reductions of its £35 deals to £25, which was said to include the Nokia N95 in silver. The offer was available for a limited time. The complainant said the advertisement was misleading as they were told in a 3 Store they could not get the silver N95 at the discounted tariff. 

Meanwhile, Virgin Media complained against O2’s home broadband advertising, saying the ads exaggerated the benefits to consumers.

O2 pointed out that the small print stated “speed varies depending on factors including distance from the exchange and network coverage” and that the ad featured a link to their website containing further information.

Lastly, Nokia received three complaints surrounding its ‘Comes With Music’ television advertisement, which showed an image of a pair of high heeled shoes accompanied by a list of song titles which when read together depicted a sex change operation.

Three viewers complained that the ad was offensive because it “negatively portrayed transgender and transsexual communities and trivialised the process they had to go through to resolve their identity”.

All complaints were dismissed.