O2 to release Joggler


O2 has unveiled a new Wi-Fi touch screen device aimed at helping families save and organise their time.

The O2 ‘Joggler,’ which was unveiled to O2 staff last week, is the size of standard picture frame, and connects via Wi-Fi to the internet giving customers instant access to a number of services.

Manufactured by American-based Openpeak, the product’s main feature is an online calendar which allows users to update events and add notes, as well as sending the information to the relevant people. The calendar can also be accessed through the internet.

The device has 1GB of internal storage and can display pictures and videos as well as play music through its inbuilt speakers. It also offers one touch access to online widgets such as the weather information and Sky News for instant updates.

“The Joggler applies to a segment of customers and families within the UK who want to save time and get snatches of information quickly,” said O2 UK head of family Sharon Pickford. “It will be supported by a £5.5 million pound campaign across TV, cinema and online, which is the best campaign we’ve ever had focused on a single segment.”

The advertising campaign will also focus on O2’s new family bolt-on, which will allow free texts and calls between a group of five people, scheduled for launch in May.

The Joggler will be available in O2 stores and online from April 6, costing £149.99 when purchased on its own, or can be taken as part of a new contract or upgrade instead of a handset.

One O2 staffer said: “It’s very different to what we have sold before, it is like a personal organizer for the home.

“If it is marketed right then it will do well, but I think the cost is a bit steep and it will be tough to convince people not to take a handset or pay out for it.”