EasyAir’s £13m claim dismissed


The High Court has struck out EasyAir’s long-running legal dispute with Carphone Warehouse’s fixed line division Opal Telecom.

Former O2 service provider EasyAir has pursued Opal Telecom for £13 million damages over alleged breach of contract since 2004, following the sale of its customer base to Opal.

Tim Morris, group corporate counsel at Carphone Warehouse,  said: “We are very pleased with this decision and it vindicates what we have said previously that this claim is without merit.”

He added: “The judge called EasyAir’s claim ‘pie in the sky’, and said some of the allegations were ‘hopeless’. There are also some smaller claims but I don’t believe it will have any success.”

EasyAir’s Anthony Lloyd Weston (pictured) said: “The judgment states the High Court is not persuaded parts of the claim have no real prospect of success.

“These areas of the claim will be allowed to go to trial. There may be areas of interpretation for both UK and EU law that require clarification. If our claim was completely without merit, the judgement would have struck out all the claim.”