From shop floor to head office


Staff turnover in any sector of retail is legendarily high. School leavers and students take work as a way to buy education, beers or time as they figure out their next moves.

Of course, there are serious salespeople and genuine technology aficionados who take jobs in mobile retail, and many others find they gain unexpected enjoyment from the sociable environment and pressure of targets.

In fact, mobile sales suit the best of retail staff down to the ground. These staff, on the front line, are incredibly precious to multiple and network retailers.

But it takes ambition and determination for staff to seek out the available opportunities. Many are unaware of the opportunities for career development. 

Those staff that remain loyal and find a way from the shop floor into head office rarely forget their formative years at the sharp end.

In the case of the three former store staffers interviewed below, now all ensconced in the inner sanctums of their respective network employers, they appreciate the infrastructure and development opportunities put in place for them to clamber their way up the career ladder.

More importantly, however, all insist it is a passion for the job and the industry that helped them make the most of their time in retail, and agitate for more.

Here are the stories of how Vodafone’s Jo Cutting (pictured left), O2’s Sayed Hajamaideen (pictured middle) and 3’s Jacqueline Harper (pictured right) started in retail; how they got stuck in to stick out, how they got noticed and took key management roles in network headquarters.

Full article in Mobile News issue 433 (February 23, 2009).

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