Sharp End: Voicemail, Windows Mobile


HulloMail, how are you?

I recently started using a voicemail service that some others out there might find useful too, either for themselves or for recommending to customers.

HulloMail (pronounced in a Scottish accent as ‘Hulooo Mail’) is a relatively new service whereby rather than diverting your unanswered calls to the network as normal, you can set your phone up to divert to the HulloMail service.

You can still be notified as normal that you have a voicemail waiting and they will even notify you by text or email if someone has called and not left a message, but where the HulloMail service differs from others is that they will email you a recording of your voicemail too!

The service works on all UK networks and takes just a few minutes to set up. Once an account has been created you are given instructions on how to set up the service to divert over to your personal voicemail number – which happens to be a regular UK landline number, so any calls diverted to it simply come out of any inclusive call allowance a user has.

The service is totally free of charge and can be particularly useful for anyone whose network charges extra to use its standard voicemail system.

The email recording received can also be synchronised with certain email providers, such as GoogleMail and MobileMe. The user can keep the voicemail recordings for as long as they wish, which could come in handy for tracking references.

All in all the service has worked very well in the short period I have tried it and considering it’s currently free of charge to UK contract customers then you have nothing to lose to try it out and possibly even recommend it to customers .

Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft this week announced some minor changes to its Windows Mobile operating system. The new version (6.5), which is mainly a usability update with a new home screen, has been given the nickname ‘Honeycomb’.

The new interface displays up to nine of the most common application icons (depending on screen size), which can be scrolled with a finger swipe  up or down and then left to right for more detailed settings etc. A new lock screen is also provided, again you can swipe for different alerts such as voicemail or texts.

Windows Mobile has quietly become the smart phone operating system of choice for many as handset manufacturers are improving on the generally clunky user interface.

With the new 6.5 version due to come out over the coming months the usability will increase further, whilst retaining the underlying powerhouse that is Windows Mobile.

This is reflected by manufacturers such as LG who this week announced that Windows Mobile will be their operating system of choice for over 50 handsets over the next three years.

A couple of other exciting ‘enhancements’ to Windows Mobile will also be happening with the 6.5 launch, namely the MyMobile service and MarketPlace.

MyMobile is a synchronisation and backup service provided for users that will allow for the automatic backing up of information from the mobile device such as contacts, tasks, calendars, tasks, photos and music.

All back-up information is held remotely on Microsoft’s secure servers and will be accessible via any Internet browser. Photos and music can be viewed by social networking groups too.

MarketPlace is Microsoft’s answer to the successful Appstore provided on iPhones and will finally give users of Windows Mobile devices access to more than 20,000 programs and applications in one central location.

Full article in Mobile News issue 433 (February 23, 2009).

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