T-Mobile tops YouGov survey


T-Mobile’s mobile broadband service has topped nine out of 13 categories in a recent survey conducted by YouGov.

The study, which surveyed 1,958 respondents in January 2009, showed the operator to be the most consistent mobile broadband operator.

The latest report ranks T-Mobile first for customer satisfaction measures including value for money, reliability during the day, upload speeds, download speeds, getting connected, ease of use, billing, installation and customer services. T-Mobile was also second for quality and staying connected.

T-Mobile head of internet and entertainment Richard Warmsley said: “The results of this latest YouGov mobile broadband survey indicate that we’re offering our internet customers the right mix of consistent performance and service, at a fair price.

“We are particularly pleased about our top rating for value for money. In today’s economic climate, we recognise value is a key factor for people looking for a flexible broadband solution.

“Our customers can stay connected wherever they need to, with the added peace of mind of no sneaky extra charges if they exceed their internet fair use policy.”