Nokia charts new music devices


Nokia has announced three new music focused handsets as it looks to extend the range of its Comes With Music compatible phones.

Including a slide-out qwerty keypad the 5730 XpressMusic, slated for launch in Q3, is aimed at bringing together social media and music features in a mid-range device.

Applications for Facebook, Ovi, Nokia Maps and N-Gage have been included as Nokia continues its emphasis on services over hardware.

Nokia also announced the 5330 XpressMusic scheduled for launch in Q2, which will also be Comes With Music compatible. Aiming for an “edgy” design the handset includes customisable light effects to give the device a personal feel.

Both devices will be initially launched without the Comes With Music service, which will be added at a later, unconfirmed date.

Nokia devices senior marketing vice president Jo Harlow said: “We’ve sold more than 425 million devices with a digital music player and more than 700 million devices with an FM radio, which clearly shows that the mobile phone is the natural device for listening to the music and carrying it with you.”

The final device the 5030, also expected to launch in Q2, is an entry level music handset with a focus on its FM radio and is not expected to include the Comes With Music service.