April Flext refresh buoys dealers


Dealers expect T-Mobile to refresh its Flext tariffs in April by incorporating 08 numbers, international calls, voicemail and Web ‘n’ Walk  into users’ bundled airtime allowance.

T-Mobile has already made the concessions to upgrading customers.
It is expected to also make them available to new customers signing to Flext 40 tariffs, and above, from April 1.

Customers get an airtime spend of £180 on Flext 35, £225 on Flext 40, £325 on Flext 50 and £425 on Flext 60. Flext 75 customers get an allowance of £575 per month.

Flext 100, a tariff introduced for new customers along with the Flext upgrade refresh last month, allows £775 worth of spend.

T-Mobile refused to comment on the changes and only said that it will be making an announcement at the end of the month.

Calls to 08 numbers cost 40p per minute. International calls cost 40p per minute to landlines and £1 per minute to mobiles.

Voicemail retrieval costs 20p per minute. All are charged within the Flext spend.

Complete Communications proprietor Adam Nyman said: “This is an excellent move from T-Mobile. A lot of my customers don’t use up their allowance but often have excessive charges for 08 numbers on top. Web ‘n’ Walk included for free is also very useful.

“T-Mobile is giving dealers the tools to go out and sell its products, as demonstrated by the changes it made to its Business 1-Plan recently.

“Everything a customer could wish for is included within the allowance and as long as they stay inside that, they’ll feel they’re getting more value,” Nyman told Mobile News.

Chytel Communications proprietor Amirul Choudhury said: “I’m led to believe that they will greatly benefit what we can offer.

“I understand they’re being revamped for the better and we’ll be able to offer customers a more attractive proposition.”

Fones U Like proprietor Sohail Ratansi said: “It’s impressive to the extent calls to 08 numbers and voicemail retrieval are to be included in a customer’s allowance.

“But the charges for international and 08 numbers are still very excessive and will soon drain a monthly allowance.”