HSC, T-Mobile axe box breakers


Hugh Symons Communications’ bespoke report into box brreaking uses its dealer connection details and T-Mobile activation records to identify dealers connecting genuine prepay customers.

Dealers demonstrating a high amount of disconnected SIMs are terminated, although Hugh Symons Communications (HSC) business manager Bob Sweetlove (pictured) said only “a handful” have so far been axed.

Dealers demonstrating genuine prepay volume receive preferential stock supply.

Sweetlove said: “We track which SIM cards are paired with which handsets and how they are used – whether there is a genuine customer at the other end or whether the SIM is split from the device after the commission is paid.

“Where there is a high ratio of ongoing activity, we optimise stock to those channels. We cease supplying to channels that demonstrate suspect activity.

“Our prepay quality has improved dramatically. It’s not our core product but it’s coming back as a good ‘recession buster’ product.”

HSC also runs a weekly ‘fraud league’ to identify patterns of fraudulent connections. HSC then passes the information onto dealers who can identify sales people who might be at fault.