G1 now open to paid for apps


T-Mobile G1 users will now be able to download paid-for applications from the Android Market.

Up until now, the Android Market has only distributed free applications.
The move opens up more opportunities for application development, with the potential for thousands more applications to be available on the T-Mobile G1.

Developers will set the price for their individual application. Revenue share details have not been released. More than 1,000 applications will remain free.

Applications available on the T-Mobile G1 via the Android Market cover location-based applications such as Cab4Me, which allows users to order a cab to their exact location, and Near You, which allows users to locate things to do near them, based on their current location. There are also games such as Guitar Hero Mobile and Brain Genius Deluxe, and Eco Rio which lets users track their carbon footprint.

T-Mobile head of internet and entertainment Richard Warmsley said: “Since the T-Mobile G1 arrived in October, customers have really been embracing the idea of making their phone their own with Android Market’s wide choice of applications to download.

“Now with the addition of paid applications, G1 customers can choose to buy outstanding games like Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile. With the openness of Android and how easy it is to put an application or game on the Android Market, any budding developer from around the world can bring their ideas to life.

“With money to be made many more developers will join in. For a T-Mobile G1 customer this means more choice, and some very exciting ideas coming to life from all over the world. Customers will judge which applications are successful through user ratings and feedback.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced a 70 per cent revenue share for developers via its Windows Mobile application store.

Registration opens in the Spring with applications to be submitted by the Summer.