Symbian doubts Android appeal


Symbian Foundation said it would grow its market share “significantly” following the launch of its new open source operating system next quarter.

All the top five handset manufacturers have committed to bring out Symbian Foundation-based handsets. The 12-megapixel Sony Ericsson ‘Idou’ is the first confirmed model.

Symbian Foundation vice president of strategy John Forsyth said advantages of the new platform include its independence of shareholders, its common mobile/PC developer code and its potential for deployment within lower end handsets.

Said Forsyth: “Over the next year mid range and lower end handsets will be made richer. That is the limitation with Windows Mobile or Android – they have not paid much attention to taking the experience to the lower end of the market. And this is where the battle in the market is going to be crucial.”

He added: “Most big manufacturers will consider the need to base more handsets on this platform. We expect our market share to increase significantly with the rollout of Symbian Foundation.”

“Lower end handsets tend to use old school proprietary OSs from the manufacturer, but now lower end handsets will also start being made with Symbian Foundation.”

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