Hosted servers save SMEs up to £29k


Small and growing businesses could be wasting up to £29,000 a year by making incorrect decisions when reviewing their IT strategies, claimed Genesis Communications last week.

Genesis said companies choosing to install in-house Microsoft Exchange and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) solutions, rather than hosted versions of the same products, stand to lose large amounts of cash.
In a recent audit of costs from UK hosted service providers, it claimed to find businesses spending  £11,747,68–£29,060 unnecessarily on in-house systems.

A business could save on equivalent hosted services, which take away hardware, software and maintenance investment.

Genesis product marketing director Mark Seeman (pictured) said: “The problem is that companies often have to invest substantial amounts of money to get started and then even more money has to be spent on upkeep, servicing and maintenance.

“A server alone can cost between £3,000–£6,000 – a huge investment for a company with only 10 employees to start with.

“Hosted services not only cost much less, but they’re much easier and cheaper to upscale once you come out of the downturn and start hiring people.

“Hosted solutions don’t require a large initial investment. They will make your staff more effective, your business more efficient and ultimately, more profitable.”