Avenir incentive hits senses


Avenir has launched an Orange dealer incentive which will offer prizes based around the five senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and hearing.

The ‘It Makes Sense’ incentive, which will run until June, is offering dealers £10 for every new connection and every mobile broadband connection achieved on top of a target which was set on March 2. An additional £10 will be given if sold with a BlackBerry data package.

Dealers will also receive an extra £5 for every upgrade made over target, with an additional £5 if sold with BlackBerry.

Applicable Orange tariffs include Business Sense, Business Solo, Business Solo Traveller, Momentum, Venture and Business Infinity.

On a weekly basis, Avenir will be giving its top sellers a prize based on the five senses including a Nintendo Wii Fit console and game (feel), a Nespresson coffee machine (smell), a sound system (hear), 12 bottles of Champagne (taste), and a spa weekend (feel). 

Top performers will also be entered in to a draw to win a holiday to either Marrakech, Las Vegas, Jamaica or Kenya.

Orange national sales manager Mark O’Meara said: “Avenir clients have been fundamental to the growth of our business connections and converged connections; to say nothing of the proliferation of our mobile broadband dongles across the UK business community.”

Avenir managing director Andy Tow (pictured) added: “Our clients may be familiar with the structure – guaranteed per connection payouts above target, weekly awards and a grand final award – but we hope they’ll agree we’ve outdone ourselves with what’s on offer.”