Parallel Lines: Picking friends


I firmly believe this year will ultimately prove to be all about strength in partnership, and that means with both our suppliers and clients alike.

True ‘parternship’ with a client business is vital. Finding out what customers really need to improve their workflow and efficiencies, and then sourcing the right network partner and devices to deliver this.

Having then secured the relationship and the vital mutual trust that is part of it, it is imperative to grow the product suite that is provided.
Mobile resellers have got to get involved in fixed line, broadband and system services.

The reality is that, while the UK B2B market still represents a big fishing pool, despite the continuing economic downturn.

Quality B2B dealers will be working increasingly closely with a smaller number of networks and distributors in order to maximise their market leverage.

We see no point in pursuing business on T-Mobile or 3 because we have already set an agenda outlining delivery of volume, quality and ARPU for the ‘big three’ network operators.

Previous connection volumes are no longer out there. The networks’ focus is on valuable retention as opposed to over priced acquisition.
It is plainly not sensible anymore to try and be all things to all men.

Full article in Mobile News issue 434 (March 9, 2009).

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