Sharp End: SPB Mobile Shell, 3 modems


SPB Mobile Shell

Since writing last time about the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system for smartphones, I’ve been contacted by a couple of people agreeing the new software release looks promising but complaining it is too far away.

The general opinion is Windows Mobile is a long-overdue overhaul of its rather clunky user interface.

I agree, and for those out there that would like a vast improvement to the current Windows Mobile user interface but can’t wait for Windows Mobile 6.5, then try SPB Mobile Shell.

SPB Mobile Shell is a swish user interface that sits on top of the usual Windows Mobile operating system. It gives the user a more user friendly and finger friendly experience.

The new interface incorporates various new ‘smart gestures’ and customisation tools that make interacting with the device a whole lot easier and more intuitive.

A colleague of mine has installed a 14-day trial version onto his HTC HD and he goes so far as to say the HTC HD is a whole lot more responsive and fluid since installing SPB Mobile Shell.

The current SPB Mobile Shell is at version 2, itself a very good interface. But this version is soon to be replaced by version 3, which offers a whole lot more and promises to be more backwards-compatible than version 2.

For a video demonstration of the new upcoming version simply Google ‘SPB Mobile Shell 3’. On the Phone Dealer Forum I have posted a couple of video previews of beta proof-of-concept demos of the user personalisation experience.

They truly are amazing with one demo being of a possible 3D eye tracking software, which makes all the icons and notifications on the phone stand out as if they were true 3D (without glasses).

Another demo video shows the foldout concept by TAT (the software design house that has created some of the mobile phone user interfaces for various network incarnations).

The demo shows just how fluid and interactive the user experience can be made and is by far the best example I have yet seen. Log on now to see what’s in store.

Cheap 3 prepay modems

3 has reduced the retail price of its prepay broadband modems. The Huawei e160g and e156g now retail for only £29.99 inc VAT. 3 has also reduced the speedier Huawei e169 to only £39.99.

I’ve always done a steady trade with 3 broadband modems and I’m sure this latest price drop will only improve the number of connections to 3 broadband.

The margin’s not brilliant (only £10 per unit) but it’s a simple sale and if you offer to install the modems onto customers’ laptops then you will find they keep coming back to you as you offer them the service they won’t get in the high street chains.

Can you see someone in WH Smith offering to install the broadband modems onto a customer laptop? I thought not.

Full article in Mobile News issue 434 (March 9, 2009).

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