New BB5 unlocking solution


Unlockers have hailed a new breakthrough after an update was released for the Universal and MT Pro Box, enabling a direct BB5 unlock for Nokia handsets within seconds.

The update means the 3120, 5310, 5610 Slide, 6301, 6500 Slide and Classic, 6555 and 7300 Supernova phones can now be unlocked whilst the customer waits. Each process requires 35 credits, which cost around £8.75 in total. It’s a major blow to Mobile Phone Solutions, the team behind the first direct BB5 unlocking solution, the DM3BOX. Several direct BB5 unlocking updates for various boxes have been released since its unveiling last May.

Phone-Tek Nation store manager Jamie Turner said: “This is a massive breakthrough for unlockers and is very significant for us. We’ve only known about this for a few days but our unlocking business is picking up and the reaction from customers has been very positive. They now know they only have to wait a very short time instead of a few days for their phones to be unlocked, whatever Nokia model it is.”

The Phone Shop proprietor Adrian Foot said: “It’s great news for us. Before the DM3BOX came to light there was no direct BB5 unlocking solution. We’re now getting regular unlocking updates and within a year all BB5 handsets can now be cracked.

“These handsets can be unlocked within a matter of minutes. We’re now waiting for an update for the JAF Box. That could be the next breakthrough for us.”

Ace Fones assistant manager Dan Shortall said: “Nobody wants to be without their phone and customers are starting to realise these solutions are available.”