Orange and Barclaycard team up


Orange and Barclaycard have announced a deal to develop new payment solutions for mobile phones, hailing the future use of contactless mobile technology for day-to-day transactions as the most important advance in payment solutions since the introduction of plastic cards.

Orange UK chief executive officer Tom Alexander (pictured): “Today you pay for things by cash or on your credit card. Tomorrow, you’ll use your mobile to buy the things you want, whether that’s on the high street or the internet.

“The mobile industry is being looked to more and more by companies wanting to evolve the way they do business with their customers, and a key part of our strategy at Orange is to grow and evolve our business in order to provide people with services beyond talk and text.”

Orange and Barclaycard aim to introduce contactless payment methods using mobile phones. The partnership hopes to use its combined customer base of 28 million to market and introduce new technology.