Tim: Apple 3.0 lacks bite


Apple, with its usual fanfare and ceremony, has finally released the third version of its software – but once again the new version looks more like a quick fix than an actual sign of progress or innovation.

Bringing cutting edge features such as MMS or the ability to use the phone as a modem to the platform shouldn’t be a reason for Apple and its followers to celebrate, but more rightly should prompt a witch hunt to find out why these features, which appear as standard on many other devices, weren’t there in the first place.

Even Apple’s easy to use ethos has been severely dented by the long running saga of failing to get cut and paste to work on a handset that’s supposed to be all about the ease of using the web.

In fact, none of the improvements offer anything you couldn’t already get elsewhere for quite a long time, and by the look of the changes any future iPhones won’t be a large step forward in the hardware stakes either.

Helping developers create new content is great, but it seems that Apple is leaving the innovation that its brand stands for entirely up to them.

It seems that the gusto with which Apple stormed the industry has faded somewhat, with almost absolutely everything introduced since the original device being something that should have been there in the first place – 3G, MMS, the ability to not just hang up the phone at random…

Come on Apple, where’s that pioneering spirit we saw a flash of back in June 2007? Where’s this nano version everyone’s been expecting? Where’s the excitement you used to generate?