Telappliant targets 100 dealers


Internet telephony company Telappliant is to distribute its VoIP product through the mobile dealer channel in April.

Telappliant’s VoIP application is currently available directly through the company only.

It said it is to begin trading with mobile dealers by the end of next month for the first time to increase its customer base.

Telappliant chief executive and founding director Tan Aksoy (pictured) said Telappliant will sign up 100 dealers by July, boosting its dealer base by 10 per cent.

Aksoy said: “We need to make sure all the operating systems are stable enough to support the product before we launch it in the mobile channel which is why we’re waiting until April to release the product through the channel.

“We will provide our dealer base with a link to add the application on to a handset.”

Dealers will receive 20-40 per cent of the total bill as an ongoing revenue stream. Dealers can alter the pricing as a bespoke service to the end user.

Meanwhile, Telappliant has signed with SpinVox to power its voice-to-text service for fixed line telephones.

The service will allow end users to pick up voice messages from a fixed line number via a text message on their mobile phone.

Aksoy claims Telappliant has 25,000 end users and said it aims to sign up 1,000 more to the service within the next three months.

Aksoy said: “SpinVox is a service that adds value to our VoIP network and provides business customers with a more efficient way of keeping updated with messages when out of the office.”

SpinVox also signed a deal with Avaya, which provides VoIP services alongside fixed line hardware, in February to power its voice to text service for fixed line telephones.