Where the mobile media heart is


Research commissioned by network operator Orange shows shows 67 per cent of customers use mobile email at home and 56 per cent use the mobile internet at home.

The second Orange report into mobile media usage, called ‘Exposure 2’, quizzed over 2,000 consumers from all different UK network operators to work out trends in UK mobile media usage andattitudes towards mobile as a marketing channel.

The survey found the strongest usage of mobile media was at home.

It also found the average age for mobile media users is 36. Eighty-one per cent use mobile media more than once a week, with 46 per cent using it daily.

Orange said the research showed that people are very much open to mobile marketing. Short SMS codes is a popular marketing mechanic, having been used by two-thirds of participants, while 70 per cent are attracted more by interactive marketing formats, such as sponsorship, coupons or picture messaging mechanics.

It added when clicking on adverts on the mobile internet, the most popular stage to follow are adverts which click straight through to the brand’s website (favoured by 47 per cent), voucher code or coupon (43 per cent), clicking through to another area of the site (36 per cent) and entering into a competition (34 per cent).

Orange UK director of partner channels Steve Heald (pictured) said: “Exposure 2 shows that mobile media is now very much part of the mainstream for consumers. The public’s openness to marketing through mobile media highlights that there is a huge opportunity for marketers to engage consumers with clever executions.

“I hope the findings will prove to be a catalyst for a wave of inspiring and creative marketing campaigns that capitalise on mobile’s unique properties as the most personal and innovative of channels.”