eBay king shifts £2m accessories


A mobile phone accessories dealer selling entirely through eBay claims to have seen a “substantial” increase in international sales thanks to the weak pound.

Welsh based company BMC Digital claims to sell more than 16,000 accessories devices per month via the online auction house.

It employs eight full-time staff and turns over £2 million per annum, according to director and founder Jamie Murray. He reckons the company makes a 15 per cent margin on eBay accessories sales.

Murray said international sales now comprised 15 per cent of total sales, a rise that has coincided with sterling weakening against the euro.

The most popular international destinations for BMC Digital stock are France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain.

Murray, 30, set up the business three years ago. He buys stock via Dextra and Kondor. Murray won the 2007 UK ‘eBayer’ of the year award.

“We have a lot of competitors doing the same thing. It’s a massive market, probably the biggest on eBay.”

In January 2009, eBay sellers shifted £57 million of export stock from the UK, up 49 per cent on the same period in 2008. Mobile phones were the most exported product, generating £10.9 million in revenue bin the year, followed by watches, menswear and womenswear, laptops and digital cameras.