O2 relieves SME pressures


Dealers have praised O2 for allowing business customers to suspend mobile contracts or convert them to consumer contracts in the event they are forced to lay staff off in the current economic climate.

O2 last week launched ‘O2 Temporary Suspension’ and ‘O2 Convert’ to reduce business customers’ exposure to longterm mobile contracts.

In the event business customers are required to make staff redundancy, O2 is allowing them to suspend a number on their business accounts for up to 13 months, free of charge.

O2 is also offering the ability for businesses to transfer numbers onto consumer contracts if employees leave the business, or indeed the business is closed down. As a result O2 does not lose the customer, and a termination fee is not required.

O2 told dealers the offer is only available by request, and is likely to be available for one in ten lines for each business.

Rob Williams, director of B2B dealer Car Phone Company, said: “O2 is the first network to genuinely react to the recession.

“It’s a fantastic show of support, and shows its awareness of the challenges we are facing.”

Another dealer said: “Hopefully my customers will never have to use it, but its reassuring to know it’s there. O2 is the first to offer this and it shows they are listening to us.”