Symbian runs OS production line


Symbian Foundation will release a new version of its forthcoming open-source operating system (OS) every six months according to executive vice president for research David Wood.

Outlining Symbian’s release plan in a blog, Wood described each version of the platform going though a development process before it is considered “functionally complete”, before a further six months of “hardening” where any issues with the platform will be addressed ahead of release.

This approach will see the first platform ready for release at the end of 2009, while the next version is due to be “functionally complete” at the same time and slated for release mid-2010.

“The plan is that there will be two platform releases each year,” wrote Wood.

“The intent is to ‘timebox’ each release by fixing functionality complete date and including only the features that deliver in time at a reasonable stability level. This is the same principle that has worked so will with integrated releases of Symbian OS in recent years.”

The strategy sees five versions of the platform being developed at once, two post release versions, one in the hardening stage, one having its features added and one at the early build stage.