Voda store expansion complete


Vodafone UK has confirmed that all 50 sites for its retail store expansion programme announced last year have been secured. The move will see 200 sales advisor roles created.

The roll out has been underway since September, with 40 of the new stores currently open. The remaining 10 stores will be opened in the coming weeks.

Recent openings include stores in Bristol, Hove, Nottingham, Oxford, Plymouth, Skegness, Wimbledon and York. Upcoming openings include stores in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hull and Leeds.

The expansion programme will take the operator’s total number of stores to 400 with the new stores adding around 3155 square metres of extra retail space.

Vodafone UK director of sales Tom Devine said: “In August we outlined plans to increase the number of stores to give customers more opportunity to get face-to-face help.

“We are delighted we’ve been able to complete the roll out on time and feedback from customers has been tremendous.”