Vodafone intros global SLAs


Vodafone has introduced a minimum Service Level Agreement (SLA) for multinational enterprise customers.

The SLA will initially cover 15 countries and give customers guaranteed repair and replacement times of two days for SIM cards and three days for handsets, dongles and other devices.

Reported incidents will be responded to within four hours, while more serious faults will be addressed within eight.

The SLA is the first of its kind to be introduced globally and will also give Vodafone’s 270 multinational accounts access to a basic versions of Vodafone’s ‘Spend Manager’ to help control costs, provide notification of major incidents and monthly reports on performance.

“Recessionary times are a strong catalyst for multinational corporates to take action and reinvent the way they buy and use communications services,” said Vodafone Global Enterprise director Nick Jeffery.

“To get the most from their global scale and to simplify their operations, multinational corporates are placing more of their communications services in our hands. The launch of global SLAs recognises the importance of these customers and our commitment to meeting their needs for greater transparency, consistency and predictability.”