ADC thinks TFL got it wrong


Wireless infrastructure provider ADC has questioned Transport for London’s decision to postpone the provision of mobile phone services on the London Underground.

Claiming the implementation would be prohibitively expensive, TFL has decided not to go ahead with the plans, but ADC claims that costs should not be an option.

“ADC has implemented wireless networks for metro systems in a number of countries and the London Underground does not present any particularly unique challenges,” said ADC vice president John Spindler. “If the will is there, it can be quite economical and straightforward to deploy a wireless solution in a subway system.”

ADC uses distributed antenna systems to provide coverage in hard to reach areas and believes that TFL could be missing out on commercial opportunities.

“We understand that in the current climate carriers can be unwilling to invest in projects of this nature,” added Spindler. “At ADC we believe carriers should be looking at the bigger picture and considering the types of opportunities, mobile advertising and location based services for example, that this type of implementation can provide.”